Happiness is in the moments.

I’ve spoken about joy before, which is different. Happiness is the feeling that we all try to capture as an endless state of being. Happiness is temporary, but that doesn’t make it any less delightful.

Do you know the secret to happiness?

I found it. It’s the moments that make you happy that define happiness. The trick is to capture as many of those moments as you can; revel in them, savour them, before they go away. Is it a sunrise? Catch that sunrise before it ends. Is it a song? Turn up the radio for as long as it lasts, and capture that five minutes of happiness. Is it seeing someone smile? Is it hearing a baby’s laugh?

When I look at every moment and every experience and seek the happiness I can experience in those moments, I actually have a lot of happiness squeezed into my day.

So, every day when I walk up to my office building, I look up at the sky between the two skyscrapers. I don’t know why, but the feeling of being all the way down here, and looking up at the blue sky, with birds darting in between the two towers, and the blue sky and sun reflecting off the windows, makes me happy. I like seeing people in cars, smiling at each other on my way to work in rush hour traffic.

I like it when my music player is on shuffle, and the song that comes on during that period when there is perfect silence, is one of my favorites. That makes me happy.

I capture moments of happiness every day. Who knew it was that easy?

Here’s to a happy weekend! 🙂 🙂


Wednesday Whimsies

Happiness is a condition, not a destination.
~ Julian Baker, One Tree Hill

Yeah, I love that show! I didn’t believe there was such depth in a TV show, haha.

I think that sentence really spoke to me because I believe I’m one of those idealists that I love to hate, not realizing I am one. I believe in being happy. I believe your job should make you happy, your friendships should make you happy, where you live should make you happy, the relationship you’re in should make you deliriously happy…and that everyone, ideally, should have a higher calling that is their purpose for living which brings them fulfillment and eternal happiness.

I’ve been searching for this elusive happiness for a while now but all I’ve been is frustrated. I don’t have that dream job, that dream guy, that dream house. I don’t have dream anything really, and all the while I have been thinking I got the short end of the stick.
(My family and friends are awesome though, just putting that out there 🙂 [Disclaimer])

I’ve been feeling that without purpose, my life is meaningless. I’m still figuring out what this purpose thing is, especially for me, and I was thinking when I finally figure it out, then will I attain utter happiness and fulfillment. I’ve been thinking that when I meet that dream guy and we get that dream house and those dream kids, life will be perfect and now my happiness will be complete.

When I was watching One Tree Hill (Season 8, episode 7, I think 🙂 ), Julian was talking to Brooke and telling her that happiness is not really a destination or an end as such, but it comes and goes because it’s a condition; a mood. This really spoke to me. (I know, a mushy series, but don’t leave! There is profound truth in there somewhere!) We don’t have to strive for that day when we will attain happiness. We don’t have to work towards it, like it’s a goal of some sort.

Happiness is found in everyday simplicity, in random acts of kindness, in achievements. It’s found when you get that letter you’ve been waiting for, when you get that call from an old friend, when you make it though you didn’t think you could. Happiness is in laughter with friends, in eating a good home-cooked meal or in feeling better after having been ill all week. Happiness comes to us all through our lives, in sizeable doses.

We don’t have to be happy all the time. There will be sad days and dark days, but so will there be bright and happy days.

I’m so glad I finally get it. I’m happy today, I may not be tomorrow, but I’m still grateful to be alive.

Have a Happy Day 🙂