Moving on

What’s been weighing on my heart lately is that I need to evolve this blog into something even more real and raw than it has been. God is calling me to write about deeper things, weightier things.
I’m not sure what shape or form it will take eventually, but I will take the step of faith that this requires and end this chapter on this blog.
I want to thank you for faithfully reading, commenting, sharing your stories and encouraging me whenever I check my stats that someone out there is reading my penny thoughts. I can’t thank you enough.
Because of you, I got the courage to share my millions of thoughts; first with strangers, then later with friends, because I finally stopped being afraid of criticism and ridicule. Through that, I was able to have a louder voice and speak about things closer to my heart than music lyrics (back when this blog was “My Life as a Rockhead”).
For those who have seen me through all the phases, I thank you. For those who will be there in the new phase, I thank you too.
I’m excited!
I will share the link here once the new home is up.

Love, peace and blessings!
Shiro a.k.a Rockhead


11 thoughts on “Moving on

    • Hi! Yes I did check out your site. I think I even commented on one of your posts…
      I took a break from blogging but I will be back when the time is right πŸ™‚

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