Tuesday Tales

I just read one of my old posts by accident (mouse-clicking accidents) and it actually gave me so much hope! It was talking about regret and living in the past, and how it helps to look forward in hope so that you can endure the bad feelings of regret. I hope that made sense coz it sure ministered to me!

In other news, I dreamt that there was a pile of dead cockroaches (or were they alive?) on a white piece of paper. I can’t remember who the other person in the dream was but I had the feeling we were both puzzled and disgusted by the cockroaches yet we seemed to be doing nothing about it. It was like the cockroach pile was this big issue and we were being haunted by the pile of cockroaches that we could do nothing about. It was there in the background as we talked, it was there as we stared at it, it was there as we tried to ignore it. It was a constant haunting thing. *Shiver*

What do you think it means? Seriously!

Tomorrow I will write a serious post about all the other things I have been learning.

Happy Tuesday!


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