Saturday Situations

Wow, it’s been a minute! My last post was in October?

Right, well, a lot has been going on which I will not fill you in on, seeing as this is a public forum :), but the year seems to be ending well, with a promise of major upheavals in the year ahead. I choose to see this as a glass half full, therefore it will be. The power of positive thinking!

In other controversial news, did you know that Christmas is actually not Jesus’ birthday? Do I really want to open this can of worms? Probably not…but if you want to know more, Google “The origins of Christmas”. Not to kill your Christmas spirit though, Merry Christmas!! 😀

How random is this post! I have nothing to say, other than to comment on various issues like…what’s up with that song “Fundamendooos” anyway? Like, seriously!? Wuiii. Mungu atusaidie. “These are your things, these are my things…” I can’t even…

And has anyone noticed how complacent we as Kenyans are? We can literally be trampled on and we’ll just stand up, dust ourselves off and keep walking, with a shrug. Life goes on. Not too sure if this is a good thing, seeing as so many things go wrong in our country and many strabge decisions and laws are passed with minimal resistance on our part. Sigh…

Other random thoughts that I will not comment on are: the current trend in one in every 5 women sporting dreadlocks in Nairobi (me included), the rapid change of fashion trends making recently purchased trendy clothes worthless (and therefore having to go shopping again), the rudeness of matatu conductors to passengers, dreams that cannot be remembered clearly but vaguely disturb the person who dreamt them with elusive images that cannot be caught, and the feeling that said dream is very significant and the wonderment at why it cannot be remembered clearly.


Have a lovely Saturday!


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