Into the unknown

I got a new name for my blog, and a tag line! This is a major achievement guys, MAJOR! (No thanks to you! :-P)

For those who are in the dark, my blog name was “My Life as a Rockhead” since I started it. I was a major rockhead then (listening to rock all the time), and though I still love it to bits, I am embracing the other parts of myself that exist.

“Into the unknown” embodies my walk through this life: the self-discovery, growing up (read: pains), my walk with God and with others.

I welcome you once more into the vault, the maze, the awesomeness in mind-blowingship that is my thought processes and emotions! OK that sounded more scary than intriguing…

Join me, friends!!


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7 thoughts on “Into the unknown

  1. It makes sense that you would do that. Love it! Can’t wait.
    We did contribute, we joined you in your musings about changing the name and all

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