Prayers and Dreams

One of the scariest prayers I ever made was when I asked God to show me my purpose. I thought it would be a one-sentence answer, but it has ended up being pages and pages of of a book in which I have had revelation of who I am and who He wants me to be. I didn’t think it would be a journey, I thought it would be an instant thing. It has ended up being a meandering path that takes me back to the past and then to the present and back again, as I look at a future that gets clearer everyday. Ever heard the phrase “You can’t move into the future until you let go of the past”? It’s absolutely true.

To capture my dreams I had to go to the past and let go of all the misconceptions I had about who I am. Then after doing this (it’s still an on-going process), only then could I clearly see myself the way God sees me, and see into the future He would like me to have. With this view, I realized that the dreams I thought I had were so small compared to what He was awakening in me. God deals in BIG dreams, and He wants us to have them and trust that He can make them come true.

I make it sound so easy; it isn’t. It’s a difficult process that I had to be willing to go through and not give up (also, the ever-increasing level of discontent with mediocrity was a very strong driving force).

So today I make another scary prayer:

May I never be content with doing less that I am capable of

May I never let great opportunities pass me by

May I seek to be excellent in everything I do

May I dream, and dream, and dream some more; always, each bigger than the last

May I always be repulsed by the idea of sitting on a desk whiling away the time in a job I am ill-suited for, that drains my energy and suppresses who I am

May I never hesitate to express my creativity, even when there is the threat of criticism

May I always believe that God, the author of dreams, can make them come true…because He who begun a good work in me will be faithful to complete it



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