Friday Fundamentalism

I need to create an application, that runs on a mobile phone, that instantly scrambles the radio stations that play in public transport. This feature will be activated at the touch of a button from my phone.

Why do I need to create this app, you ask? Because I am sick and tired of the verbal diarrhoea that is Classic 105 FM in the morning. The topics are either derogatory and abusive to women, derogatory and abusive to men, desecrating the sanctity of the marriage union, or all three combined. Whenever I hear the opening line of the day’s discussion, my mood is immediately affected. Why should this happen to me?

Did I hear you say I should get some earplugs? You mean, block my ears from listening to that nonsense? Well, it’s a viable option, but it also hinders me from, well, living! So I should walk around deaf because of one man airing some show on a radio station? I would also like to be free to hear the conductor when he asks me for my fare, or in case the person next to me needs directions, I would also like to be able to hear them.

Today, I heard the topic of the day just before I alighted. Drat! If only I’d alighted 2 minutes before! So the presenter started by saying “There is a strange phenomenon, bla bla bla….Why do women travel in packs?” Really? Packs? As in, a pack of wolves? Or a pack of wild dogs? Why would anyone use such terminology?

The premise of the discussion was about how women travel in groups, especially on road trips to Nakuru and Naivasha, then proceed to go to clubs and terrorize men by hitting on them and doing all manner of other things.
I am not discounting the accuracy of the statement, it’s probably true. What I am disputing is the language used. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise, and steam slowly started to come out of my ears. Also, I’m planning to go on a road trip with a “pack” of my female friends to attend a wedding. That hit closer home. I do not have any interest in hitting on any men while there.

Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Why??? Why??! No!! You just, don’t! No. Uh-uh.
I’ma start hmmmmmm-ing up in here!

(Click on the link to watch the video to see what hmmm-ing is…

->>Ladies, sometimes you just gotta go “Hmmmmmmmmmm“)

The video can’t embed on my blog for some techie reasons, so please open the link while logged on to Facebook. It’s worth the trouble, trust me)

End of rant.
Happy Weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fundamentalism

  1. I am willing to assist as you create that mobile app , classic fm in the morning is …………… the worst ever , i made sure it never plays in the gym when am there.
    If you added a jama (me) to your road trip , it wouldnt be a pack then , ama? 🙂

    • I know, hehehe. But what happened to freedom? If a group of mamis want to go on a roadtrip, can’t they be free to do so without any judgment? NKTTTTTTTTT!!!!

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