Friday Fiascoes

I am back to my random posts titled with the days of the week and with random ramblings littered in in inappropriate proportions! My, my, what a tongue twister!

So I am suffering from a toothache on a tooth I had refilled less than a month ago. I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST! I am convinced this particular dentist does something to my tooth so that I have to go back to her several times. It’s already happened once before. Why me?? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?? Why can’t I live without teeth? If only life were so kind! Sigh…

The current political climate is so outrageous it’s hilarious. Heightened emotions, useless speeches, games, PR, etc etc…how am I supposed to vote for any of these ….eeeeeh….. ummm, people?? Why did I register as a voter? Is there any hope? How can nominations be delayed because of “nomination papers being unevenly distributed at different time intervals”?? (OK I just made that sentence up, I did not quote anyone) Uh huh, a LIKELY STORY! Whatever! This angers me. I will stop there.

Does everyone else countdown to the weekend like I do? Is it a problem to look forward to the two days at the end of the week, for the other five days of the week?

And what’s with everyone getting married? Are we in that age or what? I am very happy for all of y’all lovebirds…but this is overkill. I’m just saying, could you tone it down with the baby pictures and the “I love my man so much, he is heaven sent, praise the Lord O my soul” status updates? Ok, but then again, it’s a free country. I’ll just close my eyes every time I log onto Facebook, bu then, that would be weird. Maybe I’ll just leave Facebook. However, I do want to see your cute baby pictures and your wedding photos. What a quandary!!

Music donations are welcome! I am craving good African music, the likes of Fela Kuti, Thandiswa, et al. Please hook a sister up!

And with those few remarks, I wish you a fun-filled weekend where the hours simply d….r….a….g…. by and where you get to rest and have a jolly old time!



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