You gave me a promise

Listening to this old-school song by Fireflight (if old school is a 2008 release) has inspired this post. Let me explain.

I used to think that if you did good things and followed all the rules, then you were entitled to good things too. You know, if you pay your taxes, you will get better treatment from the Government, if you pray, God will give you everything you desire, if you obey all the commandments, then God owes you something (no, actually, everything!). OK, just me, then.

So as I have been growing up, (as in literally, every day, I am in panic mode…”Oh my goodness, it’s Thursday! It was just Sunday yesterday!”) I have realized the untruth in this, what shall I call it, entitlement.

I am not really entitled to anything. The day I gave my life to Christ, I received a gift. That gift was salvation. I have been realizing that this opened me up to lots of other free gifts, but  I am not necessarily entitled to those things. I can’t demand them. Like the verse says, “every good and perfect gift comes from above”. They are all gifts, not deserved, but freely given.

This has been a hard pill to swallow, letting go of all my tantrums and realizing I should actually be humbly requesting things from God, not demanding that because I am saved, or good (whatever that means), or I pay my taxes (unlike SOME politicians…see, there I go again #shame), or …whatever, that I deserve something or He owes it to me.

Playing manipulative games with God must be hilarious to the way I can fast so I can try to bend His will, or “sow a seed” so that He can give me a large amount of money, like triple what I sowed, to invest in a business…or maybe just to roll around in a Mercedes like a bauss. I’m sorry, but I’m so skeptical of that last concept..but I’m open to correction (show me the verse in the Bible, please). It’s also not wrong to want to roll around like a “bauss” or start a business…I’m talking about the motivation behind the request…FOCUS!

So in the end I guess the title of this post is a bit ironic; but wait, no it’s not! (A flash of inspiration has hit me with a flash of blinding light. Yes, I’m awesome). 

God promised to save me, give me eternal life, hear me when I call, help me when I’m in trouble…and so many other promises. These should be enough, enough to live my life by faith, looking ot Him for direction, protection, sustenance and provision. Why aren’t they? Usually? A thought I will ponder as I sign-off…


I will hold on to this hope that I have
You gave me a promise
You gave me a promise

~ Fireflight


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