Weird: popular music videos these days (gaaaah! What a long and boring title!)

What’s with music these days? And the videos too ?? By Jove!

I guess all that Illuminati stuff is just hitting the airwaves all around the world. Sauti Sol’s new video is WEIRD! The “Range Rover” song. I don’t care what you say, I like Sauti Sol just as much as the the next person, but something’s off here.


There is this really cool song that Karun from Camp Mulla covered, called Last Time by Labrinth. The cover is beautiful, I mean the girl can sing!

The original song’s video, however…really? What’s with the fah-rrrrrrrrrreaky aliens/avatars/alien-avatar crossbreeeds? And why is the boy walking on a yellow brick road like in the Wizard of Oz, which by the way, has enormous amounts of weird symbolism?

Don’t even get me started on Rihanna’s videos these days.

Being a hermit who lives in a cave is looking really attractive right about now…


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