What were you made for?

I looked outside the window the other day while at work and saw this flock of birds flying in the sky within my line of vision. I love to watch birds so this was good luck :). Anyway, maybe it would be better to say they were soaring. My office is pretty high up and still they looked pretty high up so I’m guessing according to Newton’s Law of Gravity and Bernoulli’s Principle and Onyango’s Theorem and all those Physics laws (bla bla bla), they were pretty high.

Sooooooooo anyway, it hit me…the birds are doing what they do best; what they were created for. God made them with wings and hollow bones and streamlined bodies so they could fly, dip, soar. How faithful they are.

I wondered, am I doing what I was created for? Like how did the bird know it was made to fly? (OK, the wings are pretty hard to miss, but still…). I am a being with a mind and a heart and a soul and a spirit and a body. Already there are four disinct functions that I can perform (seeing as I am in four parts, or rather three…soul=heart. Please, let us not debate about this yet, in another post, I promise). So, already I have three functions. Each of these functions has other mini-functions; take the body. The body has so many parts with sooooooooo many functions (no wonder I didn’t like Biology…mind-boggling stuff).

So in light of being a being, I am a woman. I have a function that I uniquely fulfill that a man cannot (because he has his own function, not due to any weakness on his part or anything, you can put the Men’s Rights placards down). So I have that too. On top of the various biological, social and spiritual roles.

Now the part that really puzzles me is the unique part that I play in the world. What is my function? Like the birds were made to fly, what was I made to do? To be a wife? To be a mother? To be a friend? To be an accountant? To be a Sunday School teacher? To be all of the above? But then how is that unique?

Or is it not about uniqueness? Are we all the same? Should we all just be humans? Is that even a thing? 🙂

Is it OK, then, to have dreams? Are those clues that God sends out to help us discover what He created us to do? Are some dreams cooler and more awesome than others? It’s all very confusing.

Growing up is weird, it’s like nothing makes sense anymore. Or am I the only one who feels this way?

What are you made for?



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