Monday Musings

Hello, good people! How have you all been? Good? I’ve been good too, as good as can be!

This is actually a sort-of obligatory post because I fear the silence has been too loud on my end and that maybe you, dear reader, might have found intellectual stimulation elsewhere! What’s that? Did you say my blog is not intellectually stimulating? I ignore you!

The rate of hijacking and carjackings and kidnappings in our city is alarming. It almost makes me apply for leave daily or propose to work from home. (Oh why can’t I work from home?? Please???), but at the risk of becoming a hermit, or looking pasty (like the people from that movie Surrogate, which totally creeped me out by the way), I soldier on with God by my side and angels all around me! Amen! Can I hear an amen?

But seriously, what’s with movies nowadays? There is so much strange symbolism and sinister undertones. I am a regular reader of Vigilant Citizen and the stuff on there sometimes keeps me up at night; the thought of how much evil man is capable of is chilling to the bone. Not to scare you though. Give the site a read and you will never look at popular media the same.




4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. checked out the vigilant citizen site as you suggested. Conspiracy , Capitalists , Secret Societies etc theories and sub plots. Not a recommended read for anyone hoping to have a happy fulfilling life… Just saying!

    • Yeah. But we can’t live our lives blind and deaf to the real world, which is basically what happens when we bury our heads in the sand. I say keep reading it. ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’

  2. LOOOOOL. Did i hear my blog is not intellectually stimulating …i ignore you…Rockhead the things you say

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