My birthday comes once a year

Today is my birthday and I am turning sixteen. Wow, I have soooo waited to be sweet sixteen. Yeah right, but I love this age that I have turned (a prize for the person who guesses it correctly). I feel it is a coming of age somehow (trust me to over-analyze everything).

I’ve been so full of joy today and I hope it lasts even as I go to meet my friends for a plan that has an element of surprise in it. I love surprises so I try not to burst the bubble for myself. I am usually so easy and just take the back seat and even close my ears willingly…lol.

Oh yeah, the boring part where I list what I want for this year…but I don’t really want to. It has a lot to do with God, favor, career and a man. Boring same old stuff 🙂

I wonder if there will come a day when I will dread my birthday because it will mean one more tooth is going to fall out of my already almost-toothless mouth, or ten more gray hairs, or increased gravitational pull on my body parts? Iwould love it if I always looked forward to my birthday and appreciated every milestone. Sigh…

I plan to enjoy this day to the fullest…and today, or sometime this weekend, I shall thoroughly spoil myself. I don’t do that often enough.

So this birthday, I am celebrating me…all the good stuff, the not-so-good stuff, the beauty, the life, the kinky hair, the stillness in me when all else around me is going crazy, my fetish for shoes and under—uh…underground trains, my love of nature, my over-analysis, my discovered and undiscovered talents, my annoying habits (that I am working on), my ability to listen even to the words that are unspoken, etc etc…if I go on I’ll bore you. But I celebrate me.

Happy Birthday to me!


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