Saturday Sojourns

I am in need of good music. I am wondering where I can get good music since I am no longer in a position to download (legally or illegally, that is not of your concern :P). Now I want to start buying music CDs. Unfortunately when I made the decision, I didn’t realize how difficult it is to get good Kenyan or international music in Nairobi. OK, I know there is Tune Inn, but I tend to also like obscure bands that get me blank looks when I ask about them.

Does anyone remember that music store that used to be at The Junction Mall? I think it was called Nu Metro Media Store or something. I went there a couple of days ago and it was non-existent. I need tips please. I especially want to get Kenyan music, like the afro fusion kind. And of course rock, rock and more rock! (I guess I can get that at Tune Inn).

OK, onto the deep stuff now. Oh, but wait! So remember when I announced proudly that I was going to cut my hair and let it go natural? Or did I already say that I did that? Well, I did that! And I love it! But it is now unmanageable! Or maybe I haven’t learned all the tricks of the trade. I know, I know, there are lots of blogs and Youtube videos about how to style and manage this mass of afro kinky hair, but somehow (and this is just between me and you), I think that the hair that they talk about is not really my kind of hair…

All these girls have hair that falls in gorgeous curls, or beautiful comb-able afros…but alas! My hair is not really like that. Mine is as kinky as they come! If I never had to blow dry it I would love it. But I do have to blow-dry it. It is sooooo painful. Why can’t I just go to work in my conditioned afro? WHY?? Darn corporate culture! Darn societal expectations! Darn war and crime in the world! Darn it all!

OK, I feel I have alienated all the men who could have been reading this post. And since they are all gone now, we can have a little girl talk :). Goodbye, men! Yes, yes, go away! This is going to get a little girlie (Sounds of men’s hurried footsteps fading off into the night)

So, ladies, actually, I have nothing to say. Hihihihi.

You are princesses and lovely and beautiful, and God is soooo in love with y’all. Awwww.

OK, goodbye.

Oh, have a lovely weekend.

Oh, and my birthday is next Friday. Yes, I don’t know what I am expecting to get with that declaration. But it’s always good to announce things, generally, I always say.



4 thoughts on “Saturday Sojourns

    • Yaaaaaay!!! Yes, yes, cake!! I did, unfortunately my hair is plaited right now so you can’t see it, but check out my Facebook profile picture 🙂

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