Truth versus lies

The beauty of God’s love is overwhelming. Slowly, as I am on this walk called salvation that leads to Christ-likeness, I am constantly baffled by how much I don’t know about the Shepherd I am following. I am always learning something new, always letting go of lies to embrace Truth.

I have lived a lie. A life full of lies. The king of lies, i.e. Lucifer a.k.a the devil a.k.a Satan has convinced me, most of my life, to follow him. OK, let me elaborate.

Every time I believed I was not beautiful, it was a lie.Guess who had told me that? Yup, this devil dude. Every time I believed I was not worthy of love, not good enough, not smart, or wanted or measured up, or a failure…all those were lies from the father of lies himself. This has been my mindset for most of my life, believe it or not. It saddens me to tears that God has been my Father for so long, but I neglected Him. Yes, I accepted Him to be my Savior and I professed to follow Him, but I wasn’t really doing that.

My Father has all these thoughts he has about me; He thinks I am awesome, He wants me to have only the best things, His plans for me are for good, He thinks I am beautiful (He made me, after all!), He has made me worthy of love, I could go on and on. However, for the longest time, even now, I have not believed these things. I have believed the lies about myself.

I was a person who was blocked and deaf and blind to God’s love, truth and beauty by a cloud of lies. It’s like I would hear through deaf ears. because these ears were blocked by lies. I couldn’t see myself the way God sees me because my eyes were blocked by lies.

This is so humbling that God would show me how wrong I was, why I have struggled for so long with burdens I could not carry, why life has always been this trial and hurdle I have to get through because I have been given this life and this new day and I better “rejoice and be glad in it” or else. Sigh.

He actually does want us to enjoy life and have it abundantly. We are the ones who let the devil lie to us, and the worst part is, we LET him. We don’t have to believe the lies, we choose to. It’s not as clear-cut as I am making it sound, because it’s a deception; subtle and deadly – killing us inside. Most of us, most of the time, never realize we are living a lie. But that’s this devil dude’s plan from the beginning. For the most part, it’s working. Sadly.

Yesterday I read the story of the infirmed woman in Luke 13:10-13, in T.D. Jakes’ Woman Thou Art Loosed. This woman had been crippled for 18 years, and according to the book, she may have not realized that there was a solution for her infirmity. She had probably tried all the doctors and medicine-men of her day. She probably had given up hope. She didn’t even ask Jesus to heal her. She had probably gotten so used to her condition that she’d learned to live with it. She was OK. But then, she wasn’t, and Jesus saw her. He saw her condition. She wasn’t OK, and it was evident to Him. So He called her and healed her.

She was probably sooo amazed after the healing. All this time she hadn’t known how it felt to walk upright, to be able to look people in the eye, to dance, to run! She did not know what she was missing.

I was this woman. I didn’t know what I was missing until Jesus saw my infirmity, called me forward, and healed me. I was used to living with my issues, my drama, my pain, my infirmity. It was until He healed me that I knew that I could be different, I could live differently. When truth was evident, I was able to see the lies for what they were.

Wow, that was a long post. (It makes up for my long hiatus 🙂 )

I would love for everyone to experience the freedom that His Truth brings. He came that we may have life and have it abundantly. The devil dude (I am really enjoying calling him that) is in the business of sabotaging every good and perfect gift that God sent us. I would just love it if you who is reading this wouldn’t let him take what is not his to begin  with, anymore, from you. It’s yours. God gave the gift to YOU. Devil dude has no place in your life, no right to take away what is rightfully yours.

Don’t let his lies win. He is just devil dude. Really 😛


7 thoughts on “Truth versus lies

  1. I really needed this, because I’m trying to un-do all the lies Satan has made me believe and caused me to live a life that God didn’t want for me.

    • I am glad Trish, keep pursuing God’s truth and refusing the Devil’s lies. It’s a journey which I am also on, and I believe it will all be worth it in the end (and even now). Thanks for reading!

  2. your article brought tears to my eyes. I cannot even begin to state how low i had sunk. I believed his lies and put not only my life at risk but also that for people i truly love and care for. Last Sunday i made a conscious decision to change and asked God to give me strength and help me make the right choice. Today i faced my problem (well skyped) and i feel much better. Its not easy but i will not stop trying …. i refuse to let the Devil win.

    • It’s not easy but God gives us grace for the journey. I am so glad that you faced whatever you needed to face, and I pray that you start embracing His truth as all the devil’s lies fall away. I’m so encouraged, thanks for reading Shiku

  3. Oh Shiro, you hit it right on the head with this one!!! Gal, i totally feel you on this one, i love your honesty!!
    p.s. i like the way devil dude has been tagged on your post…very funny 🙂

      • Thanks Shiro! I’m so glad you can relate, comments like yours really encourage me to keep being honest. Awww you think I’m funny! (Do you mind writing that on my wall? No one believes me when I say I am funny 😦 )
        Devil dude, lol, that was a moment of inspiration 🙂

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