Funky Friday

Wow, hello good people! (or person, hehe). It’s been AGES since I wrote one of these random posts, writer’s block or whatever…

Anywhoooooooooooooo…Happy New Year people!

I’m loving the January weather…so sunny and summery…too bad I have to work, but I am not complaining…I thank God for my job. Did I tell you I started swimming lessons? Yes, yes, one year later after the resolution I made in 2010, haha. I am very excited, too excited in fact to take heed to your mocking laughter and amused looks that I, a rockhead of twenty-something years, is just now learning to swim.

The water is a very interesting medium. Like, it’s so unreal. How do fish live in water? It’s such a blurry world. Or maybe their eyes are accustomed? And it’s so cool how I feel much lighter when I’m in the water…but then when I get out it’s like I’m a 50-ton brick, as in it’s such a change! Clearly, you can see this girl has never spent any time in the water. But I love swimming already, never mind I’ve only been to two lessons…HAHAHAHA!

OK this post has so many laughs, I think there is a change in me. Can I just say that Alabastron’s Renewing Self program has been so awesome, it’s so life-changing. I’ll be finishing this month and I have learnt so much. Get ready for the real me, the real me who’s been buried for years underneath lies and pretense and people-pleasing and fear and all the other things that held me back. YAY!

OK so I’m out of stories. I made two resolutions this year…to live free (free from self-imposed boundaries, free in Christ) and to swim. So far so good.

Happy new year!!


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