For Gladys: The Diagnosis

I would like to thank you all for your care and concern and for checking on Gladys’ progress. I know that your actions are not in vain. Thank you for the encouragement, the advice, the effort, the money and the prayers. God bless you over and over and I hope you know how much it is appreciated.

Gladys was admitted at Kakamega District Hospital on the day I wrote the last post. After they did their own series of tests, they informed her that the cancer has mestasized and so they will be unable to operate. It appears to have spread to her leg and I figure when they operate on her it will cause it to spread even further. What they were proposing was for her to be discharged with medication and what they were not saying is that they cannot do anything more for her.

A dear friend spoke to me yesterday and I must say he was God-sent because when I got the news I had practically given up. He shared with me the story of someone close to him who got the same diagnosis but encouraged me that there is care for cancer patients, even those who are at Gladys’ point. He encouraged me not to give up and told me to contact the Nairobi Hospice and find out what programmes are available. Gladys is pretty young, she is not older than 27, so he encouraged me that her age was a plus for her, her body could still be able to fight this disease.

Today I contacted the Nairobi Hospice and they told me they have a branch in Kakamega (YAY!) so I’m trying to contact them and see if Gladys would be able to get the care she needs.

I’m so thankful because I believe your prayers are what keep opening these doors…and helping us not to give up hope in the face of great obstacles. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Thanks for reading.


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