For Gladys: The Developments

From here, this is what has happened so far:

We were able to get Gladys’ results and the news is bad…she has ductal carcinoma of the breast Grade III. This means she has invasive breast cancer of the breast. This is not exactly that the breast cancer is at Stage 3, (there is some way in which they interpret Grades and Stages which I’m not so sure about) but it’s advanced. To know the stage of the cancer, I’d have to be a medical doctor to understand all this jargon.

Anyway, the important thing is for her to get treatment, regardless. So we sent the results via bus to Kakamega where they are supposed to pick them up. Gladys was admitted to hospital yesterday and the family were asking us to send money for the admission; I’m guessing they couldn’t treat her before she paid something. I was able to send some money today morning which should help.

I’m not sure the surgery is going to be done there and how much it will cost but at St. Mary’s it would be 22,000/= and it could be done immediately. The problem is that she is too ill to travel back to Nairobi. I’m working on getting a liaison who I can talk to in Kakamega concerning all the costs and any other things needed.

So far we had managed to raise 23,000/=. Today I sent 5,500/= and I should send some more later after getting to know the details of the payments.

If you still want to help out or had pledged and want to honour your pledge, please do so. Also just pray that Gladys gets to do the surgery so now we can move to the next step which is hustling for chemotherapy and all that other drama. I know God’s in this so I’m just leaving it to Him.

If you want to help, you can send me an email at sheeroh(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll plan from there.

Thanks for reading and your prayers are much appreciated!


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