For Gladys: A Ray of Hope

A dear friend came through and told me that he was able to talk to someone who works at St. Mary’s. This lady informed him that we could go to the hospital and say that we are Gladys’ financiers and they would give us the results. This was good news! So as soon as he told me, I told him that we could go, so we set out yesterday evening, explained our case to someone there, who told us the lab dealing with biopsies and FNAs (fine needle aspirate) was closed.

However, we were able to get a contact that we could call to find out if the results are ready so we can go and pick them up. My friend who works near there will call and go pick up the results today.

I’m praying we are able to get them because Gladys was considering doing the tests again at Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu but the idea that she will have to wait for months again for her results as she gets worse is just not acceptable.

So I’m waiting and we’ll see if this works coz then we can send her her results then she can schedule the surgery there, if possible. If not, then we’ll see how we can get her to Nairobi.

I’m just praying that something gives.


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