For Gladys: The Challenges

Hey guys.

I don’t know if I’d written about how Gladys went back home upcountry because her family wanted to see her and also because we were waiting for her results to come out. Well, that’s where she is, her results have not been communicated yet and it’s already a month later.

Meanwhile, her condition is worse, we talk on the phone and she just keeps telling me that she is worsening, in more pain and the pain is spreading to her limbs.

THe challenges are the fact that the results are not yet out here, I’m still trying to contact St. Mary’s but nothing has borne fruit yet. Even if I could contact them, Gladys can’t make the journey from Kakamega to Nairobi in her condition. We also can’t make her come back to Nairobi where we don’t know how long she would have to wait for her surgery to be done.

She went to a hospital in Kakamega where they did a mammogram and referred her to Nyanza District Hospital where she went and did another test (from her description I couldn’t really get what kind of test that was) but basically, from what I can conclude and what she is also feeling is that the doctors over there are not really sure what she has so they are chancing that it’s cancer and she needs surgery.

She has an appointment on Monday at the Nyanza Hospital with a certain doctor who was supposed to be there on Friday but wasn’t. The most frustrating thing is how long all this is taking. She is getting worse and everything just seems to take longer than necessary. Maybe if we’d known we would have just gone to a private doctor from the beginning.

At this point I’m not sure what to do. Do I try and get more money to fly her to Nairobi, take her to a private doctor and get all this sorted out asap? Meaning I go on a serious fund-raising drive. The issue is my making promises and commitments when I’m not sure I can follow through. It would be crazy to get her here then nothing works out then she ends up declining even further. Her family also probably wants her there and since I haven’t been able to talk to any of her family members, I’m not even sure we are on the same page. Her family wants the best for her and I don’t know how to interfere.

We need a miracle. We need the doctors over there to find what is wrong with her and accurately treat it. We need her appointment to happen without delay. We need for her to get proper treatment as soon as possible.

Please say a prayer for Gladys if you can. If anyone has a contact at Nyanza District Hospital or any tips it would greatle help. Please. We need all the help we can get.


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