For Gladys: Progress!

So, progress has been made. If you’re just reading this, please read the original post here.

First I want to thank all the people who have been so helpful.

Gladys was able to go to the hospital yesterday for Fine Needle Aspirate test. Today she went for a biopsy and the results will be out in three weeks.

God has been great because St. Mary’s is cheap for biopsy and the other test so at least now we can relax that all the tests have been done. She was also able to get some painkillers to tide her through the process.

After the results come out in three weeks, we’ll know the way forward, depending on what kind of surgery will be prescribed. The 22,000/- I had talked about earlier was for the surgery that would extract the lump.

I now want to wait until the results come out.

Thank you to all who gave me ideas and advice on the different hospitals.

I will keep you posted and I know I will still need your support when the time comes.

Thanks so much to everyone.

Now we wait.


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