For Gladys: An Appeal

My posts of late seem to be of the bad news kind, but I believe this one will have a happy ending.

Gladys is our helper, she cleans our clothes and tidies up our messy, no actually, our VERY NEAT house that I live in with my housemates.

Last year, Gladys discovered she had a lump in her breast but she ignored it, so it kept growing. Right now, it’s grown to the extent that she is in so much pain constantly, she can’t work, finds it hard to sleep and even got someone to stay with her to take care of her. She went to the hospital where she got some tests done. However, she hasn’t been able to get her results back because of the madhouse and multitude of patients and shortage of doctors that is Kenyatta Hospital. However, the good news is, all signs show that it may not be a cancerous growth.

She was due for surgery this week but, let’s just say, Kenyatta is a crazy place to be because they have so many people and everyone’s case is urgent. I fear she will wait forever before she is ever treated and meanwhile her condition is getting worse. The growth may become cancerous. She just can’t afford to wait, or to give up, which is what she is close to doing.

So I found out that this surgery is carried out at St. Mary’s Hospital, and it costs 22,000/=. I decided to pool my meagre savings and start inspiring my friends to give and we can see where this takes us. So far we’ve raised 14,000/= in cash. There are some pledges too from some people, even strangers . Aren’t people amazing?

I’m planning to make this dream a reality. For Gladys, the idea that she could get this surgery done is a dream. But together we can make it a reality.

We (my housemates and I, and all who love Gladys) need your help, mainly with referrals and experience on which hospitals are good, which ones are affordable, if you have connections to someone who I can ask about costs and other details before committing any money anywhere. I’m confused because some people say don’t do St. Mary’s, some say Kenyatta is the best, etc etc. I need advice, resources, referrals, help in any way will be greatly appreciated.

For now I don’t have a complete budget of costs, I’ll have that as soon as I can, but if you want to help in monetary kind, that would be awesome. Just contact me, or leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you. Your prayers and connections and information and advice will also be GREATLY appreciated.

Let’s make Gladys’ dream a reality!

I’ll keep you updated.


14 thoughts on “For Gladys: An Appeal

  1. Hey good friend, working out on what we agreed jana..Also will talk to another doctor and get back to you.
    For now lets keep Glady’s in our prayers.
    check your DM

  2. Hi Shiro. Think the only way I can help is to share this on my FB and Twitter. Hope it does help, little as it seems. Also hope she is able to get the help she needs. So noble of you to do this. God bless.

  3. You are a darling for taking on this burden. I will promise you one thing, that God is no man’s debtor and He will reward you. I will find out for you which place is both fair-priced and comes highly recommended. Count me in.

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  5. Am always so behind with this twitter stuff *sigh* so I’ve just seen this, my dear u know u have all my support, and what is the update so far?

  6. shiro, have you spoken to mom? coz i mentioned it to her and she was asking me why you havent told her coz she knows all those doctors and would probably get Gladys treated at kenyatta at a more subsidized rate?? please talk to her urgently so that you can make an informed choice. i also have reservations about St. Mary’s Hosp

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