Secret’s Out [Tagged]

I got tagged by Miss Suetiful and she does not know that she saved me from some serious case of writer’s block and probably saved my blog from obscurity as the few followers were probably shaking their fists at me and heaping abuses like “inconsistent blogger!” and “lazy writer!” and “person who makes me open her blog and there’s nothing new there, how inconsiderate!” etc etc. Thank you eternally, Sue.

Anyway, so this tag requires me to write 7 random things about myself (like anyone cares. OK, maybe they do, sorry Sue).

Hmmmm, trying to think of what will not get me shocked looks and dead faints, seeing as most of my readers know me in person. OK, enough rambling. Here goes:

1) When I was younger, I wanted to be a boy. My little brothers were my constant playmates and they could do such cool things which, if I did, would grant me disappointed looks from my mum, sis and aunties. I wanted to wear their clothes, jump, get dirty, yell unnecessarily, ram into walls, jump over fences, etc. Anyway, I changed my mind later, just so you know (OK, stop looking at me like that…sheesh!)

2) I would love a life like Colbie Caillat’s in her videos, so carefree, it’s summer everyday, swimming on the beach, playing guitar, being random…I’m just a hippie at heart. She grew up in California and Hawaii, so it makes sense. Check her out.

3) I’m very good at keeping secrets, the bigger it is, the better I am at keeping it. There are some things people have told me that I will go with to the grave, haha.

4) I can’t swim (I think the whole world already knew this) and I’m dying to learn but I never have the time and stuff always keeps coming up.

5) I’m cutting my hair so I can go au naturalle, hehe. Please be nice when you see my transformed tresses, please…

6) I am terrified of big bugs; big cockroaches, giant moths, huge locusts, large praying mantis those other bugs whose names are unknown to all but entomologists (psycho career, if you ask me) and the bugs themselves *shudder*. I still ask God why He created them. I know there’s some reasoning like ecological balance and what not but can they balance in the jungle and leave humans to exist APART from them??

7) It’s not possible for me to like/have a crush on two guys at the same time. You may wonder how I came to this conclusion. I have many girlfriends who are usually torn between two (or even three) guys, have multiple crushes…as for me it’s always that one guy, hence no one to fall back on when it goes under (which is usually the norm). Wasted commitment. Tsk tsk.

…and there you have it. What a girl! What a woman! What an awesomeness! You can’t make this stuff up! And it’s only TUESDAY!


Oops, time to tag…now since like everyone I follow has been tagged…let me think…

OK, Colin, Kenyansista, Shiro Renee and Ed…you’re IT!


6 thoughts on “Secret’s Out [Tagged]

  1. yes we have been waiting for a post for YEAAARRRSSS!!! lol…glad to be of service!!:) you as a boy?? I can’t see it I’m sorry…

    and as for the multiple crushes?? I wanna learn at your feet mighty guru…how how how??that said it is a good thing that commitment isnt hard 🙂 its a good thing 🙂

    and yeah \o/ team natural!! I am certain you will rock it maad!!

  2. No 1 and 2 sure does answer a couple of questions. No 3 , hmmm interesting, maybe you should consider working for the secret service …he he.
    About the oh so natural look, I will try my best to be polite….no promises though.

  3. @Coloredinsepia Haha the boy thing, I know! Considering these days I’m into anything girlie… I think the question is HOW do you have multiple crushes?? It just never works for me, maybe I’ll try and see it as a good thing 🙂
    @morethanwords by the way tusizoeane ati no.1 explains a lot…like what???!!!

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