Monday Monday-ness :-P

Oh, Mondays!

I slept in the wee hours of the morning last night because I was talking to my roommates! Would you believe? I learned a lot about myself then; the discussions centered around how we perceive each other, and the truth is how others perceive us is not always the same as how we perceive ourselves (you can imagine the kind of arguments that ensued when four opinionated women start defending their case, no wonder the late night šŸ™‚ )

Yesterday is also the first time I heard about the Johari Window, apparently it’s a test of sorts that has four facets: How you see yourself How others see you How you and others see you (the common threads) How you are, unknown to you and others So as much as we would argue when certain things are pointed out to us about ourselves, we are not wrong in denying their existence and the other people are also not wrong in insisting on their existence because we don’t see them but they do. Either way, all these things make up who we are.

I also realize that I have great roommates, there aren’t many people who I would allow to be so real with me; and at the same time, do it knowing that they are doing it out of love and not spite. Not many people are these kinds of friends and I think I’m truly blessed that I found them.


Sigh… I wore extremely uncomfortable shoes to work, I am nursing a sore throat and I’m wondering what happened to the weekend. Happy Monday!


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