Jesus Take The Wheel

I got to a point where I realized I don’t know what is best for me. I have ideas, I have needs, desires, wants…but I don’t really understand what is best for me. I don’t have the benefit of foresight. I can’t see the entire picture played out, who I will be, what I will need to do in the future, what my purpose will be, what I will need to accomplish it.

I came to a point when I realized that I take matters into my own hands, as much as I claim to trust God and follow Him. It happened when I met another “non-starter” guy, those who come in your life and hang around for a bit but it doesn’t get anywhere. All I could think was, “I can’t believe this is still happening to me”, “another one bites the dust” and other similar sentiments.

I realized that as much as I may think a decision is right for me, like, for example, me and this guy have so much in common! or this is definitely the right career path for me!, it may still not be the best decision. I’m glad for the painful lessons coz they show me that I can’t depend on my logic. If I really want what’s best for me, I’ll ask God coz He knows best what’s best for me.

So, as another one bites the dust, I’m telling God that I don’t know anymore. I don’t have the answers. I don’t even know what I need. I want Him to tell me what I need. I want Him to tell me what to look for. I want Him to guide me coz He already knows how it will end. I may end up kicking and screaming and fighting but I’m thinking, if the end result is that the decision was what’s best for me, maybe it’s worth the hassle and resistance and drama it will take to get me there coz in the end I’ll be praising Him for guiding me to the best destination there is.

So, Jesus take the wheel.

Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can’t do this on my own
I’m letting go
So give me one more chance
To save me from this road I’m on
Jesus, take the wheel

~ Carrie Underwood


5 thoughts on “Jesus Take The Wheel

  1. I had been plagued by very many non starter dudes as you refer them to, and it was exhausting due to all the mind games and confusion.
    But eventually you will meet worthwhile people, those non starters are just stellar examples of the kind of guy you DO NOT want so when the right guy comes along you will be able to spot him.
    I always wonder how we are meant to know what God’s plan for us is, how are we meant to know that we are on the right path??
    Seeing that sometimes it really is not evident, all I can do is trust that whatever happens in my life is for a reason, and that God is in control.

  2. Thanks Nkirdizzle! Such encouraging words, you are right about non-starters…I hope I’ll be able to spot the right guy. Right now I need to let go of all my wrong mindsets and negative view of guys and just believe there are good ones here.
    We don’t always know what God’s plan is, but we know that whatever it is, it’s for our own good.

  3. To say that this is the exact conversation i was having with God yesterday and told Him to take the wheel well, it’s awesomely creepy for reason why i believe you be my soul sister 🙂

    Non-starter dudes, God, surrender.. that has been all so familiar this past month. And you are right, God knows whats best, we just have to let go of the wheel and let him lead, lead us to what it is we need and is best for us.

  4. Kenyansista, this is getting creepy! Soul sister for real!
    It’s interesting that this non-starter guys thing is not an isolated thing, it’s happening all over. I guess the greatest thing is trust, trusting that we don’t know what’s best and that God is the one who does; and sometimes it’s sad that it has to take our heartache for us to realize that.

  5. This should be a call for guys out there to get serious and stop messing around with girls heads!
    People come into our lives for a reason, even if they bring heartache, I guess there is something we can learn from such experiences.

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