Saturday Soliloquy


Working on a Saturday, again. At least I’ve had a break for two weekends. Strangely, it’s so peaceful on Saturdays, despite how long I take to get to work because my body is crying out and protesting that’s it’s a Saturday!

I have been suffering from writer’s block brought about by laziness, boredom, busyness, a lack of creativity and general lethargy, to name but a few. I want to write a book some time in my life, but right now, I don’t envy full-fledged authors. I mean, having to complete a whole book? All by yourself? Then having to finish it because that’s where your income comes from? And having to make it so interesting as to make it a bestseller??? It’s a hard-knock life, dear authors. Respect!

Hmmm…what to write, what to write…(I bet you’re wishing I didn’t even start typing…huh? No such luck, BUAHAHAHA!!)

Oh, today I found a cockroach in the sandwich toaster. It was dead, thankfully. So I had to clean the whole thing so I could make some toast. Did you know cockroaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes? Are these things even earthly? My goodness, they are relentless!
At the risk of none of you ever coming to my house, let me tell you, those things have infiltrated every fiber of every electrical appliance in the house. I think we should forget about nuclear weapons for war…cockroaches have to be the most deadly biological weapon there is; just get a couple million in a missile and shoot the enemy. They will spend the rest of their lives trying to get rid of the little monsters.

I am back to my guitar learning, yay! My fingers are so sore but I’m so proud of myself! I’ve so far learnt the C and G chord. The C chord is a painful little chord to play, my fingers just weren’t made for the C chord! I know how to play one song, “Hush Little Baby”! Not perfectly yet, because of the annoying C chord, but soon, soon! I have given myself a target of two weeks to learn a pair of chords, plus playing a song on them. I hope this works. (Oh, I’m speaking in musical terms now! Look at me, all “C chord, G chord”-ing all over the place! 🙂 )
Scoffing, are you? Well, what can you play? Hmmm…? OK, don’t answer that.

As for swimming, I haven’t even stepped near a pool. Sigh…perhaps I should stick to one resolution per two years, hehehe.

Happy Saturday people, whatever you’re doing!


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