Saturday Shenanigans


I’m listening to the Hillsong album “Faith+Hope+Love” and it’s interesting how some years ago I couldn’t stand worship music. I thought it was so boring! These days I can actually walk listening to it…wow, how things change. I’ve always feared that as I grow older I’ll stop listening to rock. (Hyperventilating…) I wonder if I’ll be those people who say “that music is too loud and noisy” (perish the thought!) or collect albums like the Kassangas and Jemimah Thiong’o (no offence to their fans).

Anyway, I’m at work on a Saturday morning, wishing I were anywhere else but here…but the nation must be built, right?

I’m also considering buying an acoustic guitar…money is so scarce, anyone want to invent money trees with me? I really want to learn to play the guitar, I feel that playing the songs I hear is such a good way of connecting with God…seeing as I love music and being able to play it is a reflection of the ability He has given me hence a form of worship to Him…I’m not sure that made sense the way I said it. It would be great especially if I played the Christian rock and worship songs on it. I would not be willing to perform though…so is it really worth it to buy an expensive instrument just for my own pleasure?

So I’ve been reading this book called Sacred Pathways by Gary L. Thomas. It basically talks about the Nine Sacred Pathways, which are ways in which people worship and connect with God. There are naturalists who come alive in nature, there are ascetics who thrive in solitude and simplicity, etc (get the book, it’s awesome). So I scored highly in the Naturalist, Sensate and Ascetic categories. Sensates connect with God through their senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. I understood my semi-obsession with music and art and how I feel that I connect with God greatly in such environments.

Enough of my ramblings…

Have a great and worshipful weekend people.


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