Everything Will Be…

I love today and it’s a big deal because I generally don’t love Mondays. Usually there’s a crisis at work, I’m late, people are in bad moods (me included), I’m waking up from the weekend which is usually a painful experience and longing for the next weekend which is FIVE WHOLE DAYS away. But, as I was saying, this Monday signifies a new beginning for me.

Finally a chapter of my life is closed. Was it a bad chapter, you ask? Yes it was. I barely had the courage to face it but I did it and got the relief I so desperately needed.

I hope this was the last of it…I’m so tired of bad chapters, especially this one. I know you’re thinking how vague is this? I found out people I didn’t know read my blog actually know I have a blog so…for that reason…characters shall remain nameless.

I welcome the next ten months of self-discovery and new beginnings this year. Welcome March!

It smells so sweet outside today.
The sun smiles down, I’m in the shade.
I sit and think about all my friends and how good they are.
But when today is yesterday,
I know that things won’t stay the same.
But I know that the memories won’t go too far.

Round and round the world will turn.
Lessons taught and lessons learned.
Jesus gets us through the good and bad times.
And lets us know that everything will be just fine.

A year’s passed since I wrote this song.
A lot’s gone right a lot’s gone wrong.
But I know that Jesus has been there right by my side.

And I see the sun still shines.
It shines outside and in my life, and I know that everything is gonna be just fine.

~ Relient K


2 thoughts on “Everything Will Be…

  1. It also creeps me out when I discover who exactly reads my blog o_O I have always tried to be vague, so much so I have no idea what or who I was referring to when I read my old posts lol

    • Hahaha I started out with the same objective but alas! It didn’t happen! So I opened another blog that no one knows about (at least that’s what I think, hehehe)

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