Wednesday Wisdoms

Yesterday my roommate was talking to us about this class she’s been doing about prayer and what she’d learned that day. It was about what motivates us as human beings to pray. Most of us, according to the speaker in the class, have a supermarket relationship with God. We love God the way we love Nakumatt. We love Nakumatt because it has all that we need “under one roof” or something like that. (Was that even the tagline?) We love how Nakumatt is open 24-hours, how we can get anything we want there and how it never disappoints.

So this speaker was saying that that’s how we are with God. We pray when we need something from Him. We pray more fervently when nothing is working out. Sadly, we are always asking Him for stuff. If we had to pray for one hour and not ask God for anything in that one hour but just talk to Him, most of us wouldn’t be able to do that.

The speaker also said how sometimes God can withhold stuff that we really want because He knows that once we get it we’ll be gone in a flash! How sad is that? Sometimes He uses what we need to keep us praying and seeking relationship with Him. He knows that if we don’t get it immediately, we’ll keep going back to Him to seek for answers. As we seek, He also shows us other needs that we may have like humility where there is pride, or forgiveness where there is unforgiveness.

I felt sad that we have to be like this. Why can’t we just seek Him for who He is? Why can’t we just seek Him because we want to know Him more? I could spend hours talking to my friends, but when I pray I just mumble a few words. When I really pray all I’m doing is asking for things.

I also found it so amazing that God is so wise. He knows how to get us. He has all the ways and means that we can never conceive. Like my friend said, just when we think we’ve figured Him out, He drops another one on us that we never saw coming.

So I’m adding to my list a new thing I want to do this year. I want to cultivate this love relationship between God and I and stop thinking that I’m too flawed to do it. I always have this thought that we are too imperfect as humans to achieve something like that. Yesterday I decided it was worth a try.
If Abraham could do it and Enoch and a handful of others (again, the odds are against me), why not me? I think I will try it out and see how it goes.

*Deep breath*

Here begins the greatest adventure I will ever undertake. You, my friend, are very lucky to be witnessing this momentous undertaking…

Happy Belated New Year everybody!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdoms

  1. I think its same thing we do with our families. We take them for granted coz we know they’re always gonna be there. N we try with our friends coz they actually have a choice. Regardless, good for u. Tell us how it goes. Might even spur some action.

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