Monday Modalities

Hard times draw us closer to God.

It’s always bothered me the way some preachers/pastors will say (or more like condemn) people for seeking God only when they are in problems. It bothered me so much that I used to be so sad that when I was down I wouldn’t want to pray because I always pictured God was frowning disapprovingly and shaking his head at me as I prayed only when things weren’t flowing smoothly. I was an over-thinking teen (Oh, how much time I wasted instead of staring at boys! Sigh…[but thinking about God was good, I’m not saying it wasn’t. Moving right along…])

Well, the preachers were right, as I came to discover. When I was depressed, I prayed more. When I was happy and excited, I thanked God, yes, but through short prayers. There was no gnashing of teeth and crying out to God and setting time aside to hear from Him.

It saddened me to realize that that is the way I am. I really seek God out when things don’t make sense because I want answers. I pray more when I am sad because I want Him to give me His joy. When I’ve messed up I pray fervently so He can forgive me.
When I’m happy, I concentrate on the happy things. I pray shorter prayers because I’m enjoying myself so much.

As much as I tried to change this, I realize it only makes sense to be this way. So I decided to embrace the hard times. There will be no shortage of them in this life so why not make the best of them?

I embrace the hard times because at such times I am more eager and thirsty for God. I am more willing to listen, more ready to cancel everything just to meet with Him, more open to hearing His voice.

He may not cause the hard times but He still uses them to draw me closer to Himself.

May you embrace your hard times and make the most of them too.


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