Tuesday Ramblings

I’m feeling uninspired, mainly due to a lack of recent rock music (or any new music for that matter). Some time this year I decided I will no longer copy music and download illegally.

Stop looking at me like that, I know you do it too.

Basically this new resolution of mine isn’t really working that well. First, Kenyan music download sites have got no rock music, leave alone new rock music, leave alone new Christian rock music. You’re thinking, why don’t I just buy a CD? Good question. I don’t like CDs generally, prone to scratching and skipping and what not. I would also like to buy music at a cheaper price than buying the whole CD and I tend to think buying music online is cheaper. I’m also afraid of Internet fraud, say, if I was to buy music off iTunes and then my cash disappears and I never get the CDs.

OK, OK, the main reason is I don’t really have a budget for music. I spend on so many other things and music has never been something I spend money on because I’m so used to getting it for free (I’m so bad!)

I am at a dilemma, friends. Should I just close my eyes and torrent away? Or just scrimp and save for some legal music?


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