I think I want to try new things…like NOT blog…hahaha. OK that is not really possible, I’d go through serious withdrawal symptoms, like typing in my sleep and my fingers trembling because I haven’t typed in such a long time, or me narrating my blog posts in my head as I walk down the street…

Anyway, what I really want to do is to get away from the usual. Most of the time such feelings are fueled by hurt or disappointment, but just because they are fueled by the negative doesn’t mean they can’t be used positively.

I am turning the negative (if any) into positivity.

So, I’m looking to meet new people, try new meals I haven’t had before, go to places I haven’t been before. It got so much that I even want to apply for jobs out of the country, which is a big deal for me. Really, though, I only have one life to live. Why am I not doing things, being all I could be?

I’m young, single, no kids to think about, no large debts (OK, no debts 🙂 ), healthy, strong (relative), able and willing! Watch out world, here I come!

Am I too young and restless
To live the way the fearless do?

I think it’s time I start to…
Unafraid of tomorrow
Knowing You’re in control
This life wasn’t made to waste away
I wanna live

~ Krystal Meyers


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