Like you counted
The hairs upon my head
You caught
Every single tear I shed
Like you separated
My transgressions from me
You spread your arms wide
And sacrificed yourself for me
You rose upon my life
Like the sun
With healing on your wings
You sent your rain down
Love poured down
From your eyes to mine
Enraptured and captured
I bask in all of You


3 thoughts on “Captured

  1. Very nice poem. I would like to feature this poem along with several others on my blog. It’s a once a month feature called Poetic License. September was the first month and October and November are filled however I would like to use yours in December, if you say it’s okay.

    My blog has a very unconventional name so you might decide against it, but either way could you let me know. There is only room for seven poets and I already have three for December. You can check out September’s post first before you decide. Of course you will get credit and a link back to your site. Thanks.

  2. You were the last addition to November 20th’s Poetic License. Thanks for allowing me to feature your work. I have credited the poem to Rockhead. Is that how you want it?

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