Day’s End

I am happy to be alive.

I look around and see potential, hope and future dreams that qwill be fulfilled. Maybe I just like summer (not that in Kenya it’s exactly summer, but the fact that the sun is shining everyday these days qualifies).

I was waiting for the sun the whole of September and it was such a disappointment when it was cloudy like everyday. “Summer” came late but it finally came in October…yay!

Now, if I could swim, I’d be having a fantastic “summer”. My only new year resolution was to learn to swim and I didn’t even learn. Just goes to show you that these resolutions never work anyway. OK I’m speaking for myself, clearly.

I am thankful that God has preserved me this far in the year. I was in an accident earlier in the year and came out unscathed. I don’t take that for granted. I don’t take for granted that I had a birthday this year, and all the years I’ve been alive (not very many, mind you 🙂 )

In the spirit of thanksgiving, what are you thankful for? (I feel a post coming on…)

We should scream “thank you”
with every waking breath.
And cry “mercy! mercy” at every day’s end.

~ Ivoryline


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