Outside My Window

I don’t know what to write about, so I’ll write about the view outside my window.

From my office, the view outside the window is a slum, an informal settlement. I actually think it’s grown bigger since I started working in this office like 4 months ago.

Anyway, there is a school in that place, and I can hear the kids sing jubilantly at certain times of the day. Then sometimes I look out and see a woman washing clothes and hanging them on a makeshift clothesline.

The most frequent thing I see is men rebuilding their tin roof houses. They are either always repairing the roofs or just creating more space or something.

The worst is when it rains. I see people rushing to their houses and can only imagine what their thoughts are. There is hardly any drainage so I can picture them cursing the fact that their houses may get flooded in a matter of minutes. I can imagine them cursing the leaking roofs. I can almost see them bracing themselves for a night of cold wetness.

I can’t see the place very clearly but many thougts go through my head every time I look out hoping for a different view. Every time I want to daydream I look out and see this place of broken dreams and lost hopes.

But maybe all is not lost.

There must be a reason why I sit here and think all these things every time I look at those houses.

It makes me thankful for what I have. It makes me see the reality of poverty and corruption and divergent social and economic classes.

I don’t want it to make me just thankful. I want to be inspired to do something about it.


4 thoughts on “Outside My Window

    • I’m not sure I got your comment quite well…poor people shouldn’t say they are poor, or is it that people who are not poor shouldn’t be near poor people since there is a “smell” that will transfer onto them making them poor? (clearly I didn’t get it)

      • the easiest way to know a poor neighbourhood is it will always have a stench (don’t philosophise burst sewer in a gd neighbourhood…coz there is no sewer system). some people say they are poor and they are in actual sense broke.being broke and being poor differ.i think i have done like 4post on poverty on my space in case am not clear

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