A Prayer for Friends and Family

Since Monday was a day for praying for myself, today I decided to pray for my friends who had asked for certain things (I did feel a little guilty for praying for ME only, plus I can’t really pray in the office).

Here goes:

That Friend no.1 may get clarity on the love thing, that God will show her what she is to do about that guy and that no evil plans may prosper against her. May God’s will prevail.

For Friend no.2 to be at peace and have no anxiety about the future because God holds her future in His hands. For her to truly figure out what she wants in a man and if He is the one she wants or not, based on God’s guidance. May she encounter God in an amazing way throughout the year.

For Friend no.3 to get that job and excel in everything she does. For God’s provision in her life in every way and for the future man: for patience, grace and peace as she lives her life in anticipation of this relationship.

For my family, wherever they are and whatever they are doing today; for their protection, guidance and sustenance.



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