The Trust Thing

Never mind that weird Trust post, I was telling myself to trust God. So I said it like 50 times and it still didn’t help. More on that later.

So, after going through a quarter-life crisis of gigantic and incapacitating proportions, I decided I wanted a time out. I needed to talk to God so He could let me in on what on earth was going on with me.

I set out yesterday (took leave from work), treading across unknown paths and walking down deserted dusty winding roads to a place I knew I would find Him. I know He is everywhere but I needed to get away from the craziness of the city, the noise and distractions.

I made it, exhausted and hopeful, to a haven, a sanctuary of serenity, silence and beauty. Instantly, just by walking in, my whole being was affected. I knew I would feel Him here. I knew we would meet here.

And meet we did. It was perfect. More than I expected or hoped.

Silence is where God really speaks.

I wish I could always know this. I wish I could always take the time to be utterly solitary and silent everyday because He would speak to me so clearly and life would be so much easier!

I went there with so many questions, so much hurt and confusion…I came out with ALL the answers and peace and joy to boot. WHAT! It was A-MAZING!

I got answers on the Trust thing too. And many many many more.

The sad part about all this is that I had to go through this crisis to feel the urge to go and seek out God. I don’t want it to always be that I only look for Him when I am in a bad place. But, despite how horrible my last week was, if it’s the only way I would have been inspired to go off on this retreat, it was definitely worth it.

So, so worth it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Trust Thing

  1. It is truly a blessing that you sought God and he gave you the answers to all your questions, and put your mind and soul at ease, some people are never lucky!!
    Hope you have a great week 🙂

  2. whoa! look at you, going off on a retreat and everything… whatever the motivation, that’s always gotta be a good thing, no? we’re built that way, i think, only remembering god wen nothing’s going the way we want it to. good on you, aspiring to be better. see this is the feeling i never get. huh, maybe i should go on one too {{epiphany here}}

  3. Seriously guys, do it. It’s like your spirit is truly awakened in silence and solitude, when you put your body on the backseat for a while (i.e. no noise, distractions, even food…)
    Try it, try it! Tell everyone 🙂

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