Top Of The World

Today is one of those days when I got my outfit right. I just mixed and matched colors and clothes and came out with a cool outfit. Sometimes I do this and then really hope I had done it for that date or that concert or that other big-deal event, but I mostly never remember the combinations it took to create the ensemble.

Sigh, frustrations! If only I had a hot date today!

In other news…I don’t really have news. I don’t know what I want to happen in my life to excite me out of my boredom. I have really been praying to get out of my rut and I can feel that God is slowly working on me. I don’t wake up with doomsday written on my face dreading work and the boring day ahead. I don’t sit at work waiting to go home. I don’t sit listlessly bored, moving my computer mouse in small circles with my mind somewhere a million miles away.

I can’t say that anything exciting happened, I guess God just drove away that cloud and it helped me see things differently. I’ve always noticed beauty around me but it had lost its appeal. God just re-awakened my eyes to see and appreciate beauty. I’m not there yet but I am slowly plodding along.

And my dry spell with God is coming to an end. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I began talking to Him with ease some weeks ago, or was it this week? I felt so refreshed! I didn’t know it was possible to miss God! *giggle*

This is all new. Oh, there, I have news! 🙂

[And, in case you hadn’t noticed, I have a new-look blog theme. And yes, the guitar picture on the left is my creation. Interesting what bored days can create :-)]


First felt the undertow a few days ago
Like a rug pulled out from under me
How do you lock eyes with someone who is invisible?
The only thing I know for sure is this peace

I’m staring into the sky
Running hard, I start to cry

I’m on top of the world
Seeing for the first time
How beautiful You are
Here on top of the world

~ Bethany Dillon


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