Love Is Marching

So. With this whole constituion debate, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Honestly, I don’t know whether I will vote Yes or No, though I’m leaning toward one side. I don’t feel fully informed to make a good decision and I need to read the whole thing so I can know what I’m voting for.

I won’t go into details on why to vote Yes or No or all that but this whole thing has got me thinking about how to make an impact. I’ve always wanted to be a heroine, actually a super-heroine…like Wonder Woman or Hawk Girl or Super Girl, etc. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can stop rolling on the floor now. Breathe.

Anyway, I always admire valiant and courageous people. People who stand up for their own rights and those of others. People who are not cowed by the “powerful” and “influential”. People who are so passionate about their causes that they are willing to die for them.

Problem is, it’s not easy. It’s not easy to challenge wrong-doing. It’s not easy to get out of a comfort zone and confront problems head-on. It’s not easy to go out and get into people’s shoes and try to make a change.

Above all, it’s not easy to love. Love is everything. We cannot do anything without love. A politician must love the people he or she represents in order for him/her to fight for their rights and lead them effectively. A social worker must love the under-privileged in order for him/her to make a positive change in their lives. A teacher must love his/her students so that everything she teaches carries them through and instills in them passion and inspiration, such that they will never forget who she/he was or what she/he left n their hearts and minds.

I have a cause I must fight for. I must do this because if I don’t, who will? I must have love which will lead to passion which will drive me to be the fearless heroine I must be.

I must change the world.

I was told when I was young
That anyone could change the world
It wouldn’t come by power or strength
But through the ones who choose to love

Cause everyone will pass
And when we’ve breathed our last
Can we say we have lived for more
And did we live to die for
La-la-love la-love
La-la-love la-love

Can you feel his heart beating
The sound of love is marching
And when our hearts begin to break
Along with his, this world will change

Love is marching to his heartbeat

~ Barlow Girl


3 thoughts on “Love Is Marching

  1. This is really good!
    We’re having elections for prefects and captains at my school and I’ve got to do an interview etc.
    I think my main point is going to be that I’m passionate about the school. I used to hate school and I admitted it. Then I was wondering what legacy i wanted to leave. i couldn’t come up with anything because I wasn’t passionate about school, i supposedly ‘hated’ it. So i’ve got to be passionate, that’s my aim.
    These are really good expampled of passion and leadership here.
    barlow girl is the best eh?

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