I guess I am on of those emo chicks you see or hear about, dark and brooding and always having something to be emotional about. OK, no I’m not, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ but I totally relate with them.

Sometimes life really does weigh us down doesn’t it? It’s all you can do at such points not to punch the next person in the face who tells you “smile!” “life is too short!” “be happy!” “it’s never that serious!”

Sometimes you can’t smile, or think about how short life is, or be happy or think it’s not that serious.

I realise that some people go through these downers more frequently than others but I think we shouldn’t judge. We really are not in their shoes so we wouldn’t understand fully what they are going through.

I say this because I realised an acquaintance has been suffering and I didn’t even know it. How many of my friends then suffer in silence?

I say this becaus e I was once the emo girl :). I think I felt like my feelings were too overwhelming to handle. The sadness was all-consuming and realistically, I don’t think a young girl can handle all those emotions.

OK what am I saying?

I’m saying, don’t assume that since you can handle your emotions that others can. I’m saying don’t judge. I’m saying, reach out. I’m saying, pray for them and love them and accept them.

It would have meant so much to me if someone had reached through my darkness and told me everything would be OK. So I hope I can do the same for someone today, tomorrow and any other day.

If I could hear your voice,
I know that I would be okay
I know that I’ve been wrong,
But I’m begging you to stay
Won’t you stay?

Will you be here or will I be alone?
Will I be scared?
You’ll teach me how to be strong
If I fall down, will you help me carry on?
I cannot do this alone

– 12 Stones

4 thoughts on “Stay

  1. wow, this one’s nice. even tho im one of those ones who can handle it so I agree with the rest: ten out of ten people die so ya, it really IS never that serious.

  2. This IS a good one. I have bouts of being emo and depressed but Im blessed to have more moments of joy and hopefulness… I like the lyrics to thos song a lot.. Howv you been?

  3. It’s been TOOOOOOO long!!! I missed this page. I’ll be back to read everything I missed out on though it looks like you were on a semi-hiatus ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey Colin & Suetiful, thanks for the comments and yeah it’s never that serious :). I’ve been away a while Pea but I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

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