Irritating Rockhead

Having been tagged by Kawi, I decided to do this. [I like this whole tagging thing]

  • Zoning Out

I do this a lot! Especially when bored. I get a glazed look in my eyes and you’ll know I’ve drifted off to Neverland.

  • Not Paying Attention

Kinda goes with the whole zoning out thing, but in this case it happens when I’m listening or watching or doing something else really interesting, more than, you know, what you’re talking about (oops). I find it very hard to concentrate on someone talking when I’m watching a movie or programme that’s really interesting, reading a book or listening to music that I’m really trying to catch the lyrics to.

  • Pulling All The Beddings

I do this with my roommate and people who sleep over in my bed (strictly girls of course). The worst part is I annoy people even without knowing it since I am dead asleep when I’m doing it! Arrrggghhh!

  • Passive Aggressiveness

Being quiet when I’m stark raving mad yet the person obviously knows I’m mad coz my body language is screaming it.

  • Going Quiet

When I get tired of talking. I actually get physically tired of talking after about 30 minutes of continuous conversation and need to take a break. This is interpreted as being a snob. Nobody understands me šŸ˜¦

  • Wanting To Know Everything

Please don’t make a mistake of narrating a half-baked story to me because I will hound you for the nitty-gritties until I’m blue in the face. Same goes for abstract comments, criticisms, observations, etc. I have to know it all to the last detail. Sorry in advance šŸ™‚

  • Hating

I don’t know if this is irritating since most people tend to do it along with me…oh well. I’m sorry for the hating and appreci-hating.

And many more that I probably don’t know about…

I’m tagging Lilburdy, Suetiful, Tricia,Wyndago, CSmith, Alex, Aliyinza and everyone else who reads this!


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