I Can’t Do This (Plumb)

It’s that time of the month again.

No, not that time! The time when life seems to be getting to be too  much for me. I think it happens every month at least once. This has got to change! 😦

Everything isn’t going well. I won’t say everything is wrong because that wouldn’t be true (for one, I’ve been able to hack into Wordpress which is blocked at my office *evil laugh*)

I am getting overwhelmed….difficult workmates, roommates, new responsibilities…am pretty terrified right now. I think that’s the word, terrified.

I heard once that courage isn’t lack of fear, it’s doing what you are afraid of doing DESPITE the fear.

I have to teach a class in church and am scared. Having these people’s lives and spiritual growth largely determined by how I’ll lead them. Making sure they make it to class on time and listen and gain something. making sure no need goes ignored. Looking out for them and loving them and caring for them for ten weeks. Speaking in front of them and leading them, most of whom are going to be older than me. Praying for them constantly. I’m getting the shivers just thinking about it.

Clearly I can’t do this.

Only God can. Through me. All I have to be is willing and not give way to fear, but to power and love and a sound mind.

Wish me luck. no, better yet, pray for me. Please.

 I can’t do this
I can’t do this
I can’t do this by myself
I can’t do this
I can’t do this
Oh God, I need Your help

– Plumb


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Do This (Plumb)

  1. “Father in heaven, I pray for wanjagi today. I pray for courage. I pray that You will take all fear away. I pray that he/she will teach well in church, and that Your Holy Spirit will work through him/her. I pray for wisdom. I ask that You draw him/her closer to You. Help him/her. I pray that Your will be done. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

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