I’ve Been Tagged

I have done this before, many times, that’s why I’ve taken so long to do it here in blogosphere since I’m wondering what new things I will have to write about myself. Yeah, I don’t wanna write the same old things coz that will be boring and I want to be intriguing!

Anyway, luckily, if I do repeat myself, most of you are not my Facebook friends so it will all be new to you.

To Miss Magaribina and Nkirdizzle, thanks for the tag. Here goes:

1. I love water. I love drinking it, playing with it, floating in it, looking at it, everything. I could stand beneath the shower for hours (if there was no water shortage :-P) My new year’s mission-to-achieve (avoiding the use of the word resolution) is to learn to swim. Ironic, isn’t it? That I can’t swim? Well I’m gonna be a pro this year! You can stop smirking now.

2. Give me flowers any day and I will love you for life. OK, maybe love is a strong word. But I absolutely LOVE flowers. They are so pretty! They just make me happy. The irony is that I am really not the quintessential girlie, romantic type but flowers do me in, really. Lilies, roses, daisies, sunflowers, wild roses, petunias, gladolias, chrysanthemums, etc, etc….flowers! 🙂

3. I get mad when I see bad governance leading to poverty, corruption, crime….ok, mad is an understatememnt. Today’s Nation newspaper’s cover story (Kenyan newspaper) has got me so worked up right now I even stopped reading it. MP’s salalries are being increased when 75% of the country is below the poverty line? When IDP’s are still homeless? When everyday I walk home and see street boys begging me for money and sniffing glue, some younger than ten years? When more than half of the city’s population live in slums? *Deep breath* I think  I’ll stop there.

4. My biological clock started ticking faster than usual towards the end of last year. Now I’m getting all mushy about guys and marriage and babies. Eeeeeeuuuuww!

5. I could live on ice-cream. It’s like milk right? It has all the essential nutrients except iron, doesn’t it? Ok then I’d eat some iron-filled food once a week. That would work, right?

6. I have fallen in love with fashion. Oh, darn. I love shopping. I have transformed into this…woman-like….creature. Sheesh! I don’t even try to resist those bargains anymore. Fashion, take me!

7. Insects, long speeches, people with no sense of humor, slugs, bridges, reptiles, the rave, married men, heavy-lifting, reckless drivers, crazy people…………small list of things I couldn’t care less about and try to steer clear of.

8. Ever heard the sound the wind makes when it blows over the top of an open bottle? I love that sound.

9. I love music. OK, I know, who doesn’t? How would we ever have survived without it?

10. I have an addiction *cringe*. I am confessing. It’s books. I actually think it is bordering on becoming a little, itsy-bitsy problem. I buy books all the time. Old books, new books, I think they are already numbering a hundred and counting…I clearly need a bigger house.

Before I bore you all to tears, I shall stop there.

Tricia, Suetiful, CSmith, Lilburdy, Aliyinza, Maff, Ngare, Wyndago …tag, you’re it!


11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged

  1. *sigh* i already did this too, a long time ago last year. But i’ll do it again, i can’t be absolutely the same person. I’m eagerly waiting for someone to tag me on ‘letter to your 16yr self’
    Now, now, you love water but you can’t swim? And is there any particular flowers you like?

    • Just write it anyway and tag me then I can do it here…
      I love roses, orchids and calla lilies but basically all flowers. yeah the swimming thing is a bit of a paradox…hehe

  2. Huh, so let’s say a brother hasn’t “done this countless times before,” I don’t get – you just write 10 things about yourself? [and if you have like a really big head can you expand that to 55? :)]

    You shoulda said the flowers thing earlier, like in Sept. I sorta used to job at Oserian. You would have been my good deed for the month – you should see the stuff they call rejects and throw away!

    • Haha, you can expand it to 1000 if you like. Oh darn, I woulda loved those flowers! Rejects huh? Where do they dump these “rejects”? I might just go there myself…

  3. I also have not done this because I have written so much about myself I feel vain (my 50 natural highs, 25 things about me, my life according to switchfoot). I think that’s enough! Please tag me for the letter to my 16 yr old self. I feel you on the married men.
    how did you even get 10 things that are new to write about yourself

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  5. Ok, I’ve done my post…with a slight ‘twist’ cos I couldn’t think of new things to share about me that I haven’t already written 🙂 Thanks for the tag!

  6. Thanks for revealing more about yourself!! I am also very shocked you do not know how to swim lol and chrysanthemums?! i had no idea such flowers existed i only know of sunflowers, roses, carnations and bourganvillia lol
    i totally feel you on the mushiness about babies, im starting to think i might want one of my own (clear signs of old age wololo).
    and finally, music maks my world go round, cant imagine life without it!!

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