Live (Krystal Meyers)

OK so I’ve had this dream of being self-sufficient FOREVER coz deep down I’ve never been comfortable asking for money from parents or relying on others for my upkeep, well, since I was a teen I guess.

and lately I realized that I got it! I got the dream, it came true. I can support myself (well, barely, but it counts) I hardly ask for mum’s financial support (looking forward to never asking for it) and I can buy whatever I want (within budget, of course)

I have really longed for this day and it crept up on me and I didn’t even notice.

It’s been a hard road getting here, from no job to dead-end job and now to decent job. Of course it’s not guaranteed that I’ll always be here but for now, I’m enjoying the ride.


Exactly. That’s the word.

No one asking me why I got home late (coz I live alone), eating ice-cream for supper AND breakfast, watching movies till late, having friends over (my house is no palace but it still rocks to have people over), not having to cook or do chores unless I feel like it…I’m loving it!

Of course there’s the myriad challenges also, but who wants to get into that??!

Did I mention that I’ve found rest too? I talked about it in this post and God basically just splashed a bucket of cold water in my face and told me to style up and let Him handle my life. The elusive house am looking for, job security, finances, guys, all of it. He KNOWS. And He is SO MUCH BETTER at handling it all than I am. And I am 100% positively sure that His plan beats mine by 100 yards. So why am I stressing? His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches little ol’ me.

I’m liking this moment, this here and now.

Thank you God.

Now I can mark that off my list of 100 things to do before I die.

Think of any of your long-life wishes. Have any come true?

Care to share?


Another sinking sun, and I am filled with worry
With every morning comes uncharted territory
Am I too young and restless
To live the way the fearless do?

I think it’s time I start to…live
Unafraid of tomorrow
Live, knowing You’re in control
Live, this life wasn’t made to waste away
I wanna live

Take my concerns and cares, give me new revival
I may be breathing air, but You’re my soul survival
I wanna know the freedom, that can only come from You

I’m so tired of waiting
There’s no more time to lose
So give me strength to move
To live

– Krystal Meyers


3 thoughts on “Live (Krystal Meyers)

  1. Independence is so good! I know so well of the ice cream for dinner.. I’m proud of you at this point in your life and every good thing that God has done for you!
    Also decided not to worry.thanks for the link.

  2. yes i concur with Tricia big up, it is a very cool achievement. I really wanna get my own place as well :-/ but i am really loving the independence as well, and i yearn for a whole lot more.

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