More Than Words

sing me a love song

say a little poetry

show me that you love me

with a little more than those rare three words


remember my birthday

give me a card and flowers

maybe some chocolate

just a simple gesture


i don’t ask for much

just that you would notice

turn and look up

smile when i walk into the room


notice my new hairstyle

compliment me on my cooking

just look at me sometimes

even when there’s no reason to


all i ask

is that you hold my hand in public

show people that i’m someone

that we are together


i just need some affirmation

now and then

that i’m beautiful, wise and elegant

that you think the world of me


turn to me with concern

when i tell you about my day

laugh with me

and cry with me too


just be here when i’m here

just be present and care

just be my man

with a little more than words


©Rockhead, 2009

~ To all the lonely yet taken women out there 🙂


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