You Led Me (Barlow Girl)

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m in a good place now.

It’s been a hard year with so much baggage to sort out, so many challenges to overcome, so many changes to get used to and so many miles to push myself to walk just one more step till I get there.

I’m still in those places. But I guess being in those places has done something to me: it has made me stronger…or less oblivious. Now I embrace change, albeit with a beating heart at first (this coming from the former winner of the prestigious Miss Anti-Change crown).

What I’m most grateful for this year (yeah, I know Thanksgiving was like a month ago) is the fact that God kept away the bad guys…you know, the men who are out to get me and make my life miserable as I while away the hours staring at the phone and wishing on stars.

I met some jerks, yes, but I didn’t let them in. I got hurt, yes, but I didn’t have to go through break-ups because nothing had started in the first place.

I always get in too deep in  these things. I like a guy then I can’t let him go even when things are no longer working. It takes ages for me to move on. So I’m just grateful that I didn’t commit to anyone this year coz God knows none of them was worth it.

I now know He hears my prayers. I mean, I always knew but there’s always a fresh awakening to that reality.

So I’m praying the same for next year: not to commit to anyone that God doesn’t want for me but to wait on His perfect timing.

Urgh, this post wasn’t meant to be about THAT! It was supposed to be full of insightful tidbits about life and growth and change!

Anyway, Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! What are you grateful for this year?

Good Morning the night is over and gone
I thought once this dark would last for so long

Feel the sunlight on my face
You have brought me through this place

Jesus, Jesus You found me
Through the long night you led me
You set me free

Do you see just what You’ve done in my life?
You gave me more than I hoped for now I

Feel the sunlight on my face
You have brought me through this place

Jesus, Jesus You found me
Through the long night you led me
You set me free

– Barlow Girl


4 thoughts on “You Led Me (Barlow Girl)

  1. So many people have died this year. Its almost depressing esp bcoz they were young,some i graduated with.. I’ve never been more grateful for my life like i have this year. I will never take that for granted.
    I’m also thankful for meeting great friends like you

  2. I got an interesting text yesterday – a friend just out of the blues telling me how I’ve been a blessing thus far. That’s what I’m thankful for – that other people actually know enough to show appreciation when you help out, coz it’s a good feeling being appreciated. Really good.

  3. I totally relate to this post (its scary) and with Tricia’s comment as well- I am super grateful for (re) meeting rather acquinting myself with u… life this year has been made so much richer because u shared ur life (via ur blog) with me…happy christmas!:)

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