Britt Nicole’s “The Lost Get Found”

The first of my utterly biased album reviews:

This album is Britt Nicole’s second offering and it’s not exactly rock – it’s more like a mixture of pop with some R&B and techno elements.

The first track, which is the title track, starts the album off in high energy, with powerful violins (how is that even possible) as her strong and melodious voice takes the stage.

Most of the songs are high energy, though no song sounds the same as another, like in most albums. Hanging On is a beautiful track about holding on to faith and God’s will. Like A Star has techno-influenced beats which go down well with Britt’s adaptable voice. Get’s me wanting to dance every time I hear it 🙂

She goes mellow in the ballads like Safe and Have Your Way.

The best part about this album, apart from the wonderful arrangements and vocals, is the lyrics. Each song is deep, has a wonderful message and speaks to listeners. I love the title track which talks about how to reach the lost, by your life, your actions and your words.

Have Your Way talks about the time in our lives when we feel as if God has deserted us, and ends with surrender – that despite it all, God can have His way.

Get it! It’s worth it.


One thought on “Britt Nicole’s “The Lost Get Found”

  1. Ooooh so that’s what she says in that first song. Love this album…I think it’s mostly pop and techno. (Funny I spent most of today trying to categorize it

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