Curl Up and Die – Relient K

Waking up to an argument with my sister has put my day in a disarray. It’s a mess between my best friend too and my mother and it’s just a mess. I’m tired of always being in the middle and always having these great expectations being put on me.

My first response, as usual, was to get away – from everyone and everything. I am somewhere where taking a bus to the coast would be very easy. If only I was that crazy or had the money. But despite this being my first response, I never follow through with it – partly because I don’t like to give up and partly because I believe running away never really solves anything.

So I have to make some tough decisions, apologise, try to move past everything…and that’s hard for me. Because I don’t like to confront ugly situations. But sadly life is made up of ugly situations and beautiful ones. Sadly this isn’t the last of it; a truckload is yet to come. Guess I better get my notepad out and take notes, learn from this. And forgive and reconcile. Because life is too short and life has to move on and I need people and all that jazz.

Life sucks sometimes.


And I feel fine
But I know the same does not apply to you
I know the same does not apply to you
So I guess that I’ll curl up and die, too.

Clinging to the remnants of perfection
Like most do after they break it
Not knowing which direction’s the correct one
Do I discard or remake it?

-Relient K


3 thoughts on “Curl Up and Die – Relient K

  1. Hope everything cools down and its solved.
    Just take time out,relax and face em all. Stms life sucks…but it doesnt stay like that forever.
    Stms im tempted to run,pack my bags and just go…bt dont go thru with it.

  2. i used to identify with simple plan (welcome to my life) way back when i was apathetic towards everyone. probably one of the reasons i started listening to rock – it seemed to speak to me. have found a lot of escape in music over the years. anyway, about your thing – you know what they say: none of it ever gets any better, but the more it happens the less it hurts.

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