Only You Make Me Happy – Krystal Meyers

Funny how when others are happy and you’re suffering you tend to be so bitter. The converse is also true; when others are sad and you’re happy you tend to be very positive and not want anyone raining on your parade. You wish they would stop whining. You wish they could see the beauty and life around them.

That’s true of myself. Yeah, hypocritical, I know.

It’s not common for me to be happy. So I relish and wallow in it whenever I get the opportunity.

Lately I have been feeling the world caving in around me. Despite it all, today I woke up okay. Now I’m actually bordering on happy, partly because I finally got paid for my extreme efforts (a paltry sum, but try being in want and you will appreciate everything little you get) and partly because I kind of got tired of being miserable.

So anyway, my point is, a lot of things are wrong in my life right now. I’m not where I want to be, I’m not with who I want to be with, I’m not doing what I feel I want to be doing, and I am not at the place I thought I would be at at this age, at this time in my life.

But somehow God has given me joy and peace today. And I really hope I haven’t spoken too soon coz last time I was happy my day descended into a phenomenal suck-fest towards the end.

All in all, thank you God for blessings and simple pleasures.


Only You make me happy
Only You make me happy
Everything will change
But You remain the same
Only You make me happy

– Krystal Meyers


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