Crushed by the crushing blow

Of this crush

Hushed by the sudden rush

Of feelings for you

It’s a hushed crush

I don’t want you to know

Though I fear my body language has sold me out

As I noticed yours has

My thoughts are rushing with possibilities

Obstacles and reprimands

I am not a rushing kind of person

But perhaps this has overtaken me

And I’m crushed that I didn’t see it coming

I’m afraid to crash

I don’t want my heart to be crushed

And I hope I’m the only one thinking this

Coz I can still my rushing heart

But if you’re thinking it too

Then it’s worse

If you feel this crushing blow too

Then I’m done

I can foresee a crash

That I can’t control

And I hope you will hush your rushing heart

As I plan to do to mine

Let’s ignore this crush

And still our rushing hearts


2 thoughts on “Crush

  1. When I read your posts I cant help but think of how far we [you] have come. Crushes that crash!Really nice piece. I love

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